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Brian Pastor has been a fixture of the Philadelphia music world for many years. A profile of Brian can viewed, printed and downloaded here

The Brian Pastor Big Band, headquartered in Philadelphia has been actively performing since 1994. A profile of this exciting band can be viewed, printed and downloaded here is a comprehensive survey of information about Jazz and jazz artists. Jack Bowers reviewed the Brian Pastor Big Band CD "Common Men" soon after it's June, 2006 release. The All About Jazz Review from July 15, 2006 can be viewed, printed and downloaded here

Bob Perkins, writing for Tempo Magazine (for members of WRTI, Philadelphia), reviewed 3 new jazz CD releases for the Jan/Feb/March 2007 issue. Included with CD's by Errol Garner and Milt Jackson the Brian Pastor Big Band CD "Common Men" is called "top notch" and "must have". This review can be viewed, printed and downloaded here

Bob Bernotas, acclaimed host of Just Jazz on station WNTI in New Jersey, selected the Brian Pastor Big Band CD ""Common Men"" as one of the top 10 Jazz CD releases of 2006. Bob Bernotas Picks the Top 10 Jazz CD's of 2006 list can be viewed, printed and downloaded here

Cadence Magazine (December 2006 issue) selected the Brian Pastor Big Band CD "Common Men" for review. The Jack Bowers Cadence Magazine Review can be viewed, printed and downloaded here

Edward Blanco, CD/DVD reviewer for included the Brian Pastor CD "Common Men" in his "What I'm Listening To Now" list of January 9, 2007. This list can be viewed, printed and downloaded here

George Fendel of the Jazz Society of Oregon selected the Brian Pastor CD "Common Men" for review in November, 2006. His review can be viewed, printed and downloaded here

A zipped file of all the above documents as well as photos for publicity use can be downloaded here

NEW! The Latest Review of the CD "Common Men"

Review from the International Trombone Association Journal
Brian Pastor, Leader, Trombone

In chronicling the history of jazz, many writers have bemoaned the disappearance of the touring big band near the midpoint of the last century. Scores of young musicians were positively influenced upon hearing a professional big band for the first time. Fortunately this has been remedied to some degree by regional "rehearsal" bands like the Brian Pastor Big Band: seasoned professionals committed to their craft and perpetuating the art of the big band. This Philadelphia-based ensemble, formed in 1994, has obviously built a loyal following of devoted fans at the Casio Deli in Northeast Philadelphia.

COMMON MEN is a delightful assimilation of skillfully-arranged standards and original compositions. Five band members, including the leader, composed and/or arranged 11 of the 14 cuts on the recording, all executed with skill and competence. Excellent soloists are featured throughout the recording, as well.

The Brian Pastor Big Band is quite ably carrying on a rich and important tradition in America music. These musicians have created a recording in which they should take pride. In addition, they are, in a specific and important way, perpetuating an art form and tradition that deserves support. Bravo!

Tom Walker
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Review of the CD "Common Men" Posted April 6, 2007 On All About Jazz

Common Men
The Brian Pastor Big Band | BPO Music (2006)
By Edward Blanco

One sampling of trombonist Brian Pastor’s Common Men will be enough to convince you that there’s nothing common about the music you’ve just heard or the musicians that played it. It’s an especially pleasurable big band outing and debut for The Brian Pastor Big Band, a nineteen-piece Philadelphia-based ensemble delivering one swinging performance.

The album includes a mixture of standards and originals from members of the band. Pastor contributes two new charts, beginning with the lively “T.S.C. Blues Or A Night at The Rat,” and the soft and lovely “Ballad For Ben,” with Chuck Gottesman featured on the flugelhorn.

Other members of the group providing originals scores here are Gottesman, performing solo trumpet duties on his “My Hard Luck Story” and woodwind man Kaj Hansen, whistling away on flute on his “Isle Of The Pale Eye.” The versatile saxophonist/flautist Andrew Neu contributes several arrangements and two stellar charts, including the seven-minute cool and groovy “Seven Mile Bridge” and sizzling hot “Midnight Buffet,” served well done. This is one burner of a tune containing fiery solos from Neu on tenor, brother Peter on trumpet, Hansen on flute, Tony Vigilante on drums and the leader on trombone.

Not to be overlooked are some of the better-known classics given special treatment through new arrangements. The set opens up with a Neu arrangement of Cole Porter’s “It’s All Right With Me,” showcasing fine solos by Neu on tenor, trumpeter Rick Gazda and drummer Vigilante. Pastor gives a beautiful solo performance on his arrangement of Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.” Replete with solo shots by six players, Pastor’s arrangement of Gershwin’s “A Foggy Day (In London Town)” is one of the standout tracks on this disc.

Some of my personal favorites include the beautiful mellow ballad “You Don’t Know What Love Is,” with Pastor as the lone soloist, and the terrific swinging vibrations of “Son Of Feelings.” Can’t say enough about this one folks, I truly had a great time listening and moving to one dynamite session of riveting big band sounds. Common Men will occupy a special place in my collection of contemporary big band music.

The Brian Pastor Big Band CD "Common Men" Has been featured on the web site CD Baby. Here are a few customer reviews:

Very hot cd.
Reviewer: Ron Wasielewski
"Starts out smokin and keeps on going through all the cuts. Fanfare for the Commmon Man is an inspiring version of my favorite Copeland composition. As soon as I heard it on Mark Channon's Thursday morning jazz show on WWUH out of the University of Hartford, I knew I had to get it and quick. Exactly the Big Band Sound I love!"

Another Hidden Treasure
Reviewer: Bruce Greenwald
"Hidden away in the Northeastern capital of jazz, Philadelphia, PA, Brian Pastor has collected many of the finest local jazz musicians and arrangers and laid down a representative sampling of the exciting music that is heard twice a month in the back room of a local restaurant. The only thing missing is the thunderous applause from the die-hard big band jazz fans that crowd the tables. The Brian Pastor Big Band CD really swings, with original arrangements by the band members, tight sectional work, and top flight soloists. Kudos to Brian and the gang!"

Excellent Jazz CD
Reviewer: Craig D. Rosenberg
"I've been listening to Jazz most of my life.The Common Men CD is like hearing a long time successful band.Keep it up!"

Deservedly top marks from me to all involved.
Reviewer: Terry Ward
"Have already been in touch with Brian Pastor and told him I think this CD is great; certainly even better than I had expected from other reviews and short clips I had heard previously. I heartily recommend it to those of my friends here in the UK who go for big band music.Can't wait for your next one Brian!"

The 2006 polls are in. The Brian Pastor Big Band CD "Common Men" has been selected in the top 10 CD releases by:

  • Jerry Swanberg host of Big Band Scene KBEM/Jazz 88 Minneapolis
  • Larry Routt WOBO Cincinnati
  • Jack Bowers magazine
  • Robert Robbins, USA Secretary, Big Bands International
  • Bob Bernotas Just Jazz, WNTI, Hackettstown, NJ

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